The heart of precision processing, where traditional mechanics is combined with state-of-the-art workstations

Autotecnica Motori independently builds all parts required for engine construction, thanks to a high technology CNC department, supported by CAD/CAM software which directly interfaces with the technical department.

  • Equipment

    1 Continuous 5-axes vertical CNC milling machine
    1 5-axes CNC lathe + counter spindle
    1 Vertical milling machine
    1 Pillar drill
    1 Parallel lathe
    1 Flat grind
    1 Head leveller
    1 CNC cylinder polisher
    1 Shaft balancer
    1 Bearing grinder
    1 Valve grinder
    1 MIG welder
    1 TIG welder
    1 Laser marker

High complexity 
in short times

We are able to create highly complex details processed on five simultaneous axes, with tight tolerances and in brief times.

The result is also guaranteed due to our selection of excellent partners involved in our entire production chain.

Details we produce are used on our own engines as well as for vehicles which compete in national and world championships such as F4, VLN, TCR, ERX, WTCR


Laser marking ensures traceability for each component, with the incision of an alphanumeric code. These codes are used to specify any single moment of the component's life: where it was made, processed, stored and shipped from/to.

Così Therefore is is possible to immediately identify when and who manufactured parts and which part of the production process they are currently at.

A perfect system

Traditional machine tools enable us to restore each engine to optimal operation conditions, by means of constant contact with the assembly department, so that together we can select the best solutions for restoring and achieving maximum and correct operation.