The space dedicated to final testing has been expanded in response to diversified and growing demand.

A new lab specifically conceived for high power engines along with a lab dedicated to series derived engines. We are focused on state-of-the-art technology and latest generation control software. Thanks to an innovative operative system we are able to automatically programme engine approval activities.

  • The rooms are equipped as follows:

    • High flow rate ventilation systems
    • Automated thermoregulation systems
    • Air conditioning systems
    • Data acquisition systems
    • Video system
    • Cycle automation system

Concentration inside and outside

Lab facilities have been built using high sound absorption and efficiency materials. Those inside are free to concentrate on nothing other than engines being tested. Those outside may actually forget all about the labs due to their effective sound insulation.

Automation and control

From the braking control system to the thermoregulation system: automation and interfaceability between all components are buzz words. The aim is to achieve maximum efficiency.